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Home Automation

Automation is, unsurprisingly, one of the two main characteristics of home automation. Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the

CCTV for Office and Home

CCTV Camera Pros strives to provide the most informative and up to date information in the surveillance industry. Our team members will ensure hassle free

Access control

Our Access control system will provide you multiple ways of restricting access to high security areas. In addition it can help the business companies to restrict the employees to their work area alone.

Who We Are?

Multimix has been a change-leader since inception, creating a niche for itself and bringing to the market superior products and services that best address security demands. Over the years, Multimix has played an integral part to allay fears of lack of security by ushering in state-of-the-art electronic surveillance systems for small, medium and large establishments

and government projects; and by offering impeccable service regardless of the nature of the industry. Our portfolio of products and services are used to safeguard firefighters, prevent fires, deter thieves and protect people and property.

Today, we are the largest electronic security systems provider in the country, with offices in over cities and towns. Until the advent of Multimix, electronic security systems were seen as complicated devices that cost the earth.Today, simple and easy-to-use systems that fit any budget have proliferated the market place, owing to Multimix. Our strategic tie-ups with global leaders ensure a steady stream of relevant technology and know-how, to cater to any demanding situation that may face us.

Our continued commitment to excellence in our products is matched by our resolve to create a world-class work force, with only the best of the industry as our manpower. Scientific training and work environment at Multimix prove conducive to better productivity and customer service.